After Cretaceous is a project about a paralel universe that diverges from ours, 66 million years ago. The difference is that the K-Pg extinction event didn't occurred.

Periods Edit

After the Cretaceous period, 66 million years ago, new periods have arrived, each one with a name identic to those from our universe: Paleogene, Neogene and Quaternary. Paleogene (66-23 M.y.) makes the evolutionary transition from the classic Late Cretaceous animals to the new more radiated animals that were once less radiated. The Neogene (23-2 M.y.) shows a new line of evolution, in which animals have to withstand with a new range of climate and their taxonomical classification vs. geographical distribution vs. eccological niche diversity is way different from the Cretaceous period. The Quaternary (2-0 M.a.) is the only time period in which animals will be shown as distinct species. Every other periods will be mencioned with their respective animals, but they will only have a evolution-show role.

Creatures Edit

(NOTE: most groups here are speculative, not original)

(NOTE: I intend to make a paralel universe where the world of today is almost the same as in this universe, with only the animals themselves being different; for example, there will be elephant-like beasts roaming in the African savannahs and swinging arboreal animals in the rainforests, much like today's gibbons; most of today's animals are replaced by descendants of Mesozoic animals)

(NOTE: a list of animals is being created, it won't be complete, for now, and it will only be composed by substitutions of today's chordates; non-chordates substitutions could be added in the future)

(NOTE: contribution is always welcome and considered; leave your thoughts in the comments please)

List of animals Edit

  • Rahoparavia
  • Enantiornithoidea
  • Euornithoidea
  • Troodontoidea
  • Dromaeoidea
  • Therizinoidea
  • Alvarezsauroidea
  • Carnosauroidea
  • Abelisauria
  • Sauropoda
  • Leptoceratopsoidea
  • Ceratopsosauroidea
  • Pachycephalosauroidea
  • Ornithopoda (including Rhabdodontia and Ankylopollexia)
  • Ankylosauria
  • Metasuchia (including Neosuchia)
  • Plesiosauria
  • Testudinata
  • Squamata (including Mosacetoidea and Serpentes (including Madtsoidoidea))
  • Sphenodontia
  • Monotremata
  • Allotheria
  • Dryolestoidea
  • Metatherioidea
  • Eutheria
  • Gymnophiona
  • Lepidoptera

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