Alterhound or Canoides Palaearcticus is a species of Carnivoran native to Para-Earth Asia and Europe with grey fur and faded tabby markings. They have a long snout and a ruff of fur on their neck. They are social animals living in packs however are considered deadlier than Wolves because they have retractable claws on their front paws and have considerably feline reflexes. They commonly make howling sounds to communicate over large distances but they hiss and growl when they are fighting, sometimes they make a yelping or a crying sound when in distress but make a purr as a freindly gesture. Their saliva is venomous which makes them a deadly foe to mess with. On their toes is some small scales which indicates the unusual differences of Para-Earth creatures. Domesticated Alterhounds are often loyal like dogs but they are known to be manipulative as they are hypercarnivores like cats.

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