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Azurea is the second planet in the Hernán system. The Hernán system is a binary star system with the G type star Hernán Majoris and M type star Hernán Minoris. Azurea is called so because of the bright blue oceans visible from space. On Azurea there are very rarely asteroid impacts considering the widely spaced orbits of a binary star system meaning evolution has not been interrupted by as many mass extinctions.


Azurea has many species of flora and fauna, the planet is covered in dense forests as well as thick grasslands and varied terrain. One of the largest orders of animal is the Pteroraptoria. These are an order of hexapodic reptile like aliens who resemble both dinosaurs and pterosaurs in body confirmation. They mostly had 2 walking legs and as well as a pair of arms with clawed fingers. They had wings which were essentially modified second pair of limbs. Like all hexapodans they had four eyes, usually with their front pair bigger than their hind pair. One species is called Pterotyrannis acutus which was a massive species of pteroraptor as tall as a Tyrannosaurus rex to species the size of small lizards.

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