Clarumian Period
22.38 mya-16.73 myf
Theia Global Map
Mean atmospheric Oxygen level

ca. 23.7 Vol %

114% of modern Earth

Mean atmospheric Carbon Dioxide level

ca. 250 ppm

1 times pre-industrial Earth

Mean surface temperature (°C)

ca. 11 °C

3 °C bellow modern Earth

Major events

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Note - To avoid misconception, all dates are presented from the perspective of our modern world.

The Clarumian Period is a Theian geological period that lasted from 22.37 million years ago to 16.73 million years forward, and is named after the Latin term for bright, "Clarum". Following the Ignasian period, it has been defined by the cyclical growth and melting of both north and south pole ice, as well as lowered termperatures brough about through the rapid shift of the continents (adversly affecting the climate by changing the current of the ocean).

During the course of the Clarumian, extensive temperature fluctuations were constanst, however, extremly high temperature at the end of the period marked the Late Clarumian extinction event, which volcanic action playing a major role in the temperature growth (that would ultimately carrying over into the Sequegene period), and would affect almost all life on Theia, killing 42% of all living creatures on the planet over the course of a few ten thousand years.

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