Dilovian Period
289.41-237.75 million years ago
Late Dilvonian (Silent Skies)
Mean atmospheric Oxygen level

ca. 21.4 Vol %

103% of modern Earth

Mean atmospheric Carbon Dioxide level

ca. 1000 ppm

4 times pre-industrial Earth

Mean surface temperature (°C)

ca. 16 °C

2 °C above modern Earth

Major events

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Note - To avoid misconception, all dates are presented from the perspective of our modern world.

The Dilovian Period was a geological period in Theian history that lasted from 289.41 to 237.75 million years ago. Dominated by rising temperatures brought about by growing volcanic activity and the shift of the continents, the mean temperature in this period rose significantly, melting the polar ice that was present for 100 million years, and rising sea levels to flood the continental lowlands. 

For life, the period saw the the diversification of life on land, the rising sea levels forcing many species already present on the Derranian supercontinent to adapt to warmer, moister climates, whilst oceanic species began to make a move onto land, climaxing with the appearance of the Testamates (hard shelled, soft bodied animals) that became dominant on the Terstralian continent during the Octanian period.

By the end of the period, several major genera and classes that dominated the period had all but gone extinct, however, it would ultimately be the Dilovian-Caliceous extinction event that would see to the planets most violent mass extinction. Caused by a large bolide impact, the immediate after-effects as well as the substantial cooling period in the aftermath of the collision saw to up to 77% of all life on the planet go extinct, the majority of marine fauna and flora receiving the most damage, with several notable species (including the once dominant Nitronea) dying out due to the event.

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