The Gryken is a musteline mustelid, descended of the European pine marten, that lives in grykes and crevices of karst on islands in the Mediterranean Basin, 5 million AD, in The Future is Wild. It is the scrofas' greatest enemy. Although grykens go after scroflets, they never attack adult scrofas.

Down in a narrow gryke, this slim, agile creature (while tracking prey such as scrofas) can wind from side to side, following the tortuous route of the chasm. Now and again the gryken will stop and poke its head out of a gryke, keeping an eye on a scrofa herd. Then its head goes down again and it continues to negotiate the labyrinth of fissures that separates the clints. In places, a gryken's path is interrupted by a gaping hole, an entrance to the network of subterranean caverns that lies below the karst.

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