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Terra Chordata
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Terra Chordata
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Even though this project only deals with life 400 million years after introduction to the tropical, terraformed planet of Auster, in the Epsilon Eridani system, ~10 light years from Earth, the planet has a prehistory, geology, evolutionary history, and fossil record of the time since introduction of life to planet as the blue rock we call home.


Formation of the PlanetEdit

Pre-Introduction Geological PeriodsEdit




First Austerian LifeEdit

First Major GroupsEdit

Major Extinct GroupsEdit

First Major Groups Still ExtantEdit


Geologic PeriodsEdit

Oceanozoic "Ocean Life"Edit

Tunizoic "Tunicate Life"Edit

Mass ExtinctionsEdit

Auster has experienced multiple mass extinctions, all of which were caused by volcanism, sometimes aided by asteroid impact.

Nyx TrapsEdit

The third mass extinction since introduction, the Nyx eruption was the most devistating event in the planet's history, caused by the eruption of the Nyx traps of Borealia as well as the impact of three asteroids in close proximity, time wise, each around 1/4 the size of the K-pg asteroid. Two hit in a the ocean around what would eventually become Panaustralia, and the other, and largest, in Hemitropica, the oldest of three modern continents. These were more local, but definitely played a role in the extinction. The event happened 277 million years after introduction, and wiped out 75% of all life, most of which was marine. It was a major faunal turnover and only a few groups succesful in the given period were succesful before the event, and almost no large group got through even relatively okay.

Lesser ExtinctionsEdit

Past Tectonic LayoutsEdit