Many mass extinctions in history have been due to combined factors, especially the more well-known ones. The KT-event was probably started with lowering sea levels and massive volcanic eruptions, and the asteroid only pushed the dinosaurs over the edge when they were in a slump. So, with this new knowledge, can we fabricate a new mass extinction? Indeed, and one stronger than the Permian.

The Holocene Mass Extinction Edit

The Beginning Edit

Astronomers discover a 22-km wide asteroid that may come dangerously close to Earth. To fix it, they construct a missile designed to grab the asteroid and nudge out of Earth's proximity. With the most damage predicted to be a few stray meteoroids to maybe total a car or smash a window, all seems well. Then the unthinkable happened.

Asia Edit

Asia was the first to suffer in this scenario. A gamma ray burst, five minutes and twenty-six seconds long, has Asia in the cross hairs. By the time it's done, everything 7 meters above water has either been burned or sterilized.

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