What if the asteroid missed? Would dinosaurs adapt to today's climate? This project will be covering what would happen if the dinosaurs survived.

Cerapods Edit

The small ornithopods are quite rare now, only a few genera still exist and they mainly live in forests. But only one genera of Pachycephalosaur remain and it ranges from Africa to Asia, they are descended from Prenocephele. Ceratopsians roam the old world completley, Ceratopsians were outnumbered by other herbivores in North America and only srvive in few numbers but in South and Central America there are Bramblehorns, small Ceratopsians that have strangely shaped horns. Africa has also seen the rise of Palacotherium sized Ceratopsians which are the kings of the Savannas. Ornithopods take the role as the most common herbivores on the planet and nothing much has changed. Hadrosaurs however have grown to the size of Dinosaurs like Diplodocus of the Jurassic.


Now very rare. Ankylosaurs became easy food as predators evolved to cut through armour. Speedy Nodosaurs called Sprintspikes survived in rainforests around the world. One stegosaur survives in africa and has evolved the life of a crocodile. However they are still herbivorous.


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