Holocene Mass ExtinctionEdit

In the 21st century, a third world war breaks out, with nearly all countries involved. Due to nuclear weapons, World War III is easily the most destructive war in the history of humanity-and it is also the last. After years of apocalyptic destruction, only a few thousand people remain on Earth. Civilization collapses, and the human population dwindles until, a century later, humans have brought yet another species to extinction-themselves.

But Homo sapiens is far from the only casualty of World War III. The nuclear destruction razed wilderness areas and killed millions of animals. As the human population fell, the survivors, ever-more desperate to stay alive, abandoned conservation programs and indiscriminately hunted animals for food, no longer caring about the fate of non-human species. By the time humans perished, they had brought about the sixth mass extinction, which obliterated about half of Earth's animal species.

Groups lost in the HME Edit

Apes (Hominoidea)

Tarsiers (Tarsiidae)

Colugos (Dermoptera)

Treeshrews (Scandentia)

Megabats (Megachiroptera)

Red panda (Ailuridae)

Big cats (Pantherinae)

Walrus (Odobenidae)

Pangolins (Pholidota)

Equids (Equidae)

Rhinoceroses (Rhinocerotidae)

Armadillos (Cingulata)

Sea cows (Sirenia)

Hyraxes (Hyracoidea)

Aardvark (Tubulidentata)

Elephant shrews (Macroscelidea)

Bustards (Otidiformes)

Turacos (Musophagiformes)

Rheas (Rheiformes)

Kiwis (Apterygiformes)

Tinamous (Tinamiformes)

Quinternary (10 million years hence) Edit

Continents Edit

North America

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