The Mammals of AE are harder to identify than those in HE, especially since there are no Ungulates, which would mean that there are no large, herbivorous mammals, or one might expect. Since there are no Carnivorans or Artiodactyls, other creatures have taken their place in different continents. Ancient groups, such as Cimolestans and Leptictans, are present, and some familiar groups, like Primates and the Xenarthra, are also present. The mammals aren’t just confined to the crown group, however. Monotremes, such as the Platypus and the Bunyip, are present, with the latter being the oddball of the Platypi group, as it is a wolf like hunter. Other Monotremes, the Anatoceteans, are the largest of the order, and are aquatic. Marsupials, like Possums and Sugar Gliders, are present on both South America and Australia, albeit in Australia they are more at home. Other Marsupials, like Wombats and Possums, are also present, and there are some bizarre forms as well. Eutherians, like Primates and Xenarthans, are present as well, with the former being very diverse.

Monotremata (Platypus, Bunyip, Golden Sea Ducks etc.) Terrestrial to aquatic, egg laying primitive mammals.

Metatheria (Wombats, Jumping Dogs etc.) Slightly more advanced, but still primitive, pouched mammals.

Eutriconodonta (Weasel Rats, Pixlu, Gumiho etc.) Bizarre, Asian endemic, carnivorous mammals.

Eutheria (Ungulate Lemurs, Lepties, Unicorns etc.) All familiar mammals that know today, albeit with more diversification.

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