Only Insectivores and Pigs exist.


Mole Shrew (Talpa Falsus)

This is the most Common Mammal in the Desert, Creating tunnels as it moves underground,

Similar to what it's Extinct relatives the Moles did 4,000 Million years ago.

Tree Shrew (Falsescurius Arboreus)

Not to be confused with today's Colugos, the Tree Shrew is only found in the few oases in the vast Desert.

As you can guess from it's Latin Name it acts like one of the Extinct Squirrels.


Pygmy Boar (Sus Minutus)

The last Pig. It lives underground and is more like today's Naked Mole-Rat than a Mole And so doesn't compete directly with the Mole Shrew for Food.

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