Myths, old stories passed on from generation to generation. Most of the time these stories had fanciful beasts, from gryphons to dragons, from fairies to Giants. What if, in an alternate universe, these creatures survived?

Dragons Edit

In this alternate universe, some dinosaurs survived. Some dromeosaurs became extremely similar to Yi Qi, and eventually split into two groups.. Most common dragons are about 25 feet long. Larger ones grow to 30 feet, while smaller species grow to about 12 feet.


YI Qi, an animal extremely similar to post-K-P extinction Dromeosaurs

Dragon anatomy Edit

Dragons have many challenges presented in fiction, such as the abilities of flight and fire-breathing.

Dragons have hollow bones and a breastbone like their ancestors, but they have a better developed breastbone, more suited to flying. They also have extremely strong and massive arm muscles. Dragons also have developed two flight bladders, each filled with helium.

As for fire, dragons have two special glands that contain liquids that on contact, ignite. This allows a dragon to breathe fire, and it avoids being burned by opening its mouth wide. Some dragons have " Ice Breath" which is actually a toxin that paralyzes the body and makes it feel extremely cold.

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