These bizarre dinosaurs are the non-avian dinosaur equivalent to Home Earth ratites. These ostrich-like dinosaurs first evolved in the Early Cretaceous from dinosaurs such as Pelecanimimus. In this alternate timeline, the ornithomimids thrived throughout the Late Cretaceous. They were nearly wiped out by the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum due to a lack of open space, a disadvantage for a running group, although they managed to survive by shrinking in size. Despite this, the ornithomimids made a massive comeback during the Oligocene. They managed to spread to Africa during the Miocene and also spread to South America during the Pliocene. Today, the ornithomimids are found throughout the savannahs, grasslands and shrublands of Africa, Asia and the Americas.


Plains Striders (Family: Grigorasauridae)Edit

These large and feathery ostrich-like dinosaurs are the most diverse group of ornithomimids in this alternate timeline with over a dozen species found in Africa, Asia and the Americas. They fill a niche almost identical to that of ostriches. However, unlike ostriches, plains striders live in flocks of over 20 members. They are a favorite prey item for many predators such as false carnosaurs, cruncher beasts, gigaraptors and dromaeosaurs. Plains strider eggs and offspring are also hunted by smaller dromeasaurs, jackalbulls, and crowned tyrants. Plains strides also have a very wide diet, eating grass-like ferns, insects, seeds and fruit. They'll also eat carrion, small reptiles and amphibians if food is scarce.

Jungle Diggers (Family: Parvamimidae)Edit

This is ancient group of ornithomimids. The jungle diggers fist evolved in the Eocene when much of the world was covered in vast rainforests. However, during the Oligocene, they went into rapid decline due to competition with ground dwelling birds. The went extinct in North America and Europe during the Miocene due to the loss of tropical rainforest. Today, these small ornithomimids are only found in Indonesia and China and are restricted to one genus, Parvamimus.

Species: Edit

  • Javan Jungle Digger (Parvamimus javanicus)
  • Sumatran Jungle Digger (Parvamimus sumatrus)
  • Bornean Jungle Digger (Parvamimus borneus)
  • Chinese Jungle Digger (Parvamimus sinensis)

Dinosaurs of the Ice Age

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