Pacifica is a alternate history where another continent formed right in the middle of the pacific ocean. The fauna is unique as a result of its isolation. Once in the Eocene, there was a land bridge with North America. However, there was no connection to speak of afterwards, making the continent isolated to this day. Pacifica is a relatively flat continent compared to Asia or North America. It resembles Africa or South America its climate, with the odd mountain overlooking savanna and a small forest. Pacifica lacks true Carnivores and Ungulates with Pleisiadapiforms and Creodonts taking their places as well as the odd Marsupial. No humans have ever settled in Pacifica, making it a terra nullis territory. However, intelligent bird species have filled the niche of the great apes. If one visited Pacifica, they could see nimble possums climing trees and Yemats feeding on the grasses. Yemats resemble horses or camels but in actuality are cousins of the primates. Their hooves are flattened against their digits like human nails. When you travel to the rivers, you can hear the yawning and groaning of Ceratopotami wallowing in the streams. Leonas can be seen prowling around.

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