Para-Earth is essentially the Earth in a Parallel dimension. Though the continents are essentially the same the Earth is in reverse meaning florida faces the west for instance. Also Para-Earth has two moons with one closer to Para-Earth than our moon. Life on Para-Earth is considered creepily familiar with creepy differences too, one example would be the Butterbee, it resembles a butterfly in most aspects but has a stinger and lives in nests. Another example would be the Alterhound. It resembles a wolf or a dog in most aspects however it has cat like eyes and hisses and has scales underneath its fur. A interesting herbivore is the Unhorse which is a horselike creature in most aspects except the male has cowlike horns and the male has a billygoat like beard. On Para-earth many birds still retain teeth. Para-Earth is comparitively more tropical than Earth with Europe being covered in similar vegetation to Asia and South America. For instance Britain has several species of Chameloids, A group of Chamelion like lizards however they have sticky feet like Geckos to climb walls.

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