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List of Planets (Silent Skies)

List of Planets in the Solar SystemEdit

Terrestrial PlanetsEdit

  1. Mercury – The smallest planet within the Solar System and the second warmest.
  2. Venus – The warmest planet, and the sixth largest of those in the system.
  3. Earth The largest of the terrestrial planets and the fifth largest of them all. One of only two that can sustain an environment capable of supporting life.
  4. Theia The second of the two planets capable of supporting life and the seventh largest.
  5. Mars – Once able to support life, all went extinct 3.3 billion years ago. The eight largest of the planets.

Gas GiantsEdit

  1. Jupiter – The largest of the nine planets, and the planet that has the most satellites.
  2. Saturn – The second largest planet, and the sole owner of astronomically visible rings.
  3. Uranus – Unique for its almost 90° axis of rotation, it is the third largest of the planets.
  4. Neptune – The furthest planet from the Sun, and the one that has some of the fastests winds in the system, it is the fourth largest of the planets.
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