Gotta catch 'em all!

We all loved Pokemon as children, the games, the cards, and the show. But imagine a world where these fanciful creatures actually exist. Welcome,to Pokemon Revolution.

History Edit

In around the year 21000, humans have gotten more sophisticated. They are able to manipulate an animal's genetic code so well that it can shrink into a tiny 'Pokeball' in less than a second. They've also named their genetic modifications as "Pokemon", literally translating to 'Pocket Monsters'. These creatures are thriving, and Pokemon Trainers are here.

Pokemon Trainers Edit

Now, it may seem a little abusive, but Trainers battle other Trainers with their Pokemon. The Pokemon automatically heal due to a special mechanic, but of course there is a type of Healing Herb used in the healing. Trainers earn badges by battling Gym Leaders, who are trainers who own a gym for Pokemon of a specific type, such as a Water Type gym, or a Fire Type gym.

Pokemon Types Edit

Pokemon are given special types, which as to do with their environment and their powers. Obviously fire type Pokemon can withstand fire and lava, a special genetic coding effect. Pokemon have special attacks for their types, such as a Snivy being able to shed leaves from its ruff and tail and swirl them around in a storm by spinning. Obviously pokemon use moves that can remove some of their appendages regenerate them extremely quickly. Pokemon can also be a fusion of plant and animal sometimes, although they can also be extremely genetically modified animals. But now, it's time for us to see the big guns. The starters.


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