The Polyboli are one of the most intriguing clades of Calida, as it contains both plant and animal analogues, some in between. Radially symmetrical, it's thought that they first evolved when an ancestral Kalaikii attached itself to another. They formed a symbiotic relationship, the top member focusing on photosynthesis while the bottom member focused on nutrient uptake. Later versions had multiple individuals, some using low-pressure locomotion to move the whole group through the water. This pattern of individuals coming together as zooids in a communal organism is reflected through nearly all the Polyboli, whether it be plant, animal, or both.

Photimorphia Edit

Probably polyphyletic like most groups of polyboli, the photimorphia are a group of photoautotrophs that exist mostly in the ocean, save some freshwater species and one terrestrial species.

Titulumusidii Edit

Known also as the pillarweeds, Titulumusidii are the main group that exist in the ocean. They are true to their name, resembling disks connected by multiple stems.

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