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New Pleistocene
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Woolly mammoth

A common brown rat and the ancestor of all quemurids

The quemurid is a genus of small to large murid rodent found almost exclusively in Australia and New Zealand.


All quemurids have a thin-coat of hardened keratin that protects them from predators. Most quemurids are fully terrestrial and have short tails, while some are known to be arboreal to an extent. They usually have thick-soft fur on their underbellies, fur color on a certain species ranging from usually black, light brown, brown-orange or white. They also have large claws that assist them in digging up food and on rare cases defending themselves.

Most are omnivorous and will feed on a variety of things, including insects, bird eggs, carrion or grass. Some are known to even hunt for prey and extremely rare cases cannibalize. They usually are very non-aggressive towards most animals and will sometimes share carrion with animals such as dingoes, Australian foxes and Australian bush cats.