Strank & Watoo
Rabbucks are large lagomorphs from the book After Man: A Zoology of the Future written by Dougal Dixon. 50 million AD, in the Posthomic period, they fill in the niches of deer, most antelope, zebras and even giraffes in part.

Species of RabbuckEdit

Common Rabbuck (Ungulagus silvicultrix)

The temperate forest and grassland-dwelling common rabbuck of temperate latitudes of the Northern Continent is the archetypal species of the genus Ungulagus. It grows to around 2 meters high and has a dappled coat which camouflages it effectively among the trees. They are normally found in small herds of between 10 and 12 individuals.

Arctic Rabbuck (Ungulagus hirsutus)

Heavily built with rolls of insulating fat, the arctic rabbuck is found in the far north of the Northern Continent, in the region of the tundra and coniferous forests. It has a thick hairy coat which turns white in the winter.

Desert Rabbuck (Ungulagus flavus)

A much more lightly built creature with long ears and a short, sandy-colored coat, the desert rabbuck stands no more than 1.2 meters high at the shoulder and is found in arid areas throughout Africa and Asia to the south of the temperate belt.

Strank (Ungulagus virgatus)

The strank, is a striped, tropical grassland-dwelling rabbuck from Africa. It has a dazzling pattern of stripes like a zebra.

Watoo (Ungulagus cento)

The Watoo, is a large, spotted rabbuck from the African tropical grasslands. It carries large angular blotches similar to those once possessed by the giraffe.

Picktooth (Dolabrodon fossor)

The picktooth, is a little rabbuck from the tropical grasslands of Africa. It feeds on low-growing herbs and roots, which it digs up with its tusks and spurs. Its second incisor teeth are developed into strong laterally directed tusks and it has long spur-like claws on the fourth digit of each forefoot. As it runs only on the second and third toes of each foot, the spurs do not hinder it.

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