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Th Earth covered in ocean water

Earth is the third planet from Sol. In this alternate universe during the 1800's a catastrophic event had immersed the entire earth in Ocean wiping out 99% of all mammals and reptiles including all of humanity. Birds and amphibians were completely wiped out, aswell, all species of insects apart from small springtails and pondstriders, were also wiped out. However, many reef fish had benefitted massively with reefs growing all over Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and North America, Australia and Antarctica. The increase of reef fish had also increased the predator population. With the larger area, almost all of the aquatic species had either grown to substantial sizes or had shrunk by atleast half their total length. The total number of reef fish species to open-water fish species had increased greatly with there being a ratio of 10:1.


Coastal FishesEdit

With the entire continents covered in coral, sponges and aquatic plants, the reef fish had developed more brightly coloured scales to fit with the reefs. Most of the fish species have increased greatly in length. Moray eels have tripled in size with some species now growing to a length of 12 m. Both clownfishes and anemones have increased in size. The anemones tentacles have become more potent and some species of clownfish have become more predatory feasting on smaller fishes.  

Pelagic FishesEdit

Benthic FishesEdit

In this essay it has moved a million years into the future, not much has changed however many new species have developed as a result of new oceans and land barriers being remived entirely. For instance, the greater white shark is a descendant of the great white shark which has a large head and sharp teeth; however, it has a slightly larger mouth, longer head, and more hooked-shaped teeth designed for hunting dolphins and porpoises. Also, there are several tiger shark species as well as orcas.

More detail on the particular species will be revealed later on.

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