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The rhinopotamus or Rhinopotamus italica is a species of semi-aquatic soricoungulate native to the savanna of southern Europe and north Africa. The Mediterranean Sea has diminished into a River Basin in 50 million years from now. The Soricoungulates evolved from Shews which replaced the majority of mammal taxon after the great apocalypse. They are herbivores however with hairless smooth fatty skin and massive bodies but their heads have wrinkled thickened skin. They have a large mouth filled with Incisors and canines which have adapted into tusks which they can use to fight with each other and kill possible predators such as canimustelids and felirats. On their head is two horns in the fashion of a Rhino which are Keratinous. They have four webbed hooved toes on their front legs and three webbed toes on their hindlegs. They give of nasally huffs and whines and loud groans to communicate. Male Rhinopotamus however can give off a terrifying roar, they are also extremely territorial with Males guarding females in rivers as well as mud wallows. Despite looking ungainly on land, they can run up to 65 kilometers per hour.


Rhinopotamus generally feed on water reeds, grasses and water plants. Generally they keep their social and feeding time seperate to the mating rights fighting and courting. Males will scrape marks on the grassland with their horns and urinate on the ground to mark out their breeding grounds, males will act agressivly on their breeding grounds but are far less agressive in the water, rhinopotamus can have up to three young.