Welcome to Speculative Evolution Wiki, the wiki about speculative biology. Not only a factual database of publications about speculative evolution, our wiki is a creative medium to design your own speculative projects. Included are future evolution, alternative evolution, and exobiology. For more information on the subject, see Speculative Biology, or ask one of our members about the subject.

Speculative Evolution Wiki was founded by Corvus coracis on June 15, 2014 as a replacement for another wiki. We have 285 articles and 634 files in our database, and we hope to expand.

Our wiki has currently gone through a phase of transfer, and then design, including graphic design and an improved main page. We work cooperatively with other sites about similar topics, currently only Speculative Civilization Wiki, but plan to work with others in the future. So, do not stay limited to this one wiki, join these other communities and learn the things about our topic that our wiki cannot teach you.

Since our creation, our other admins (chosen from the previous wiki as among the more responsible members) are Myotragus and KaptainWombat, and several others were in the past. For more information, see Special:ListUsers/sysop, Speculative Evolution Wiki:Administrators, and Special:Log (selecting the user rights dropdown). Thank you for reading about our wiki.

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