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Copyright RestrictionsEdit

  1. All images must be legally used, with CC, Wikimedia, permission of original author, or under the terms of fair use. In all cases, credit must be given to the original creator (see below).
  2. Any image found to be violating copyright laws be put under scrutiny.
  3. If possible, the uploader can notify the creator of the use of the image, and ask for permission.
  4. The admins will collaborate with the uploader to find a suitable legal substitute if the above is not possible or fails.
  5. In the worst case, the image will simply be deleted.

Criteria for ScrutinyEdit

  1. If the image is labelled under CC or Wikimedia Commons, but credit has not been given
  2. If the image is copyrighted, but not used under fair use or permission from the original author has not been given

Any media, including an image, which was made by someone and compyrighted by that same person can only be used under their conditions and must have, unless otherwise stated, credit given to them in some form. Any random image you take off google images, for example, has a high chance of being copyrighted, and the image owner is not likely to have intended its use on a wiki.

The admins will be responsible for checking the copyrights of any and all images they come across. Generally there are two methods of copyright which allow free usage with credit: Wikimedia and Creative Commons; as well as when the uploader owns the image. With any image you upload from Wikimedia or composing of Wikimedia pictures you must include the {{From Wikimedia}} template in the image description, which looks like:

This file was originally uploaded on Wikipedia or another Wikimedia project.

Do the same for Creative Commons images with the {{CC-BY-SA}} template, which looks like:

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

In the circumstance that the uploader owns the image in question, paste in the {{self}} template, which looks like

This file was uploaded by the photographer or author.

Otherwise, images must be used under fair use. If any image usage is violating copyright and not used with fair use, the admins will deal with it. Remember, all images must have credit given to the source, unless made by oneself.

Fair UseEdit

Qualifications for fair use include the following (note that not all criteria must be met):

  1. The image has been transformed or used in a way sufficiently different from the original
  2. The nature of the fair use must be from a nonfictitious source, and must be intentionally published already
  3. The image cannot be a core, important portion of the original work
  4. The image cannot deprive the original owner of publicity or income

Additionally, credit must always be given to the original owner.

Use fair use when:

  1. An image is necessary in the context of the article(s) it is posted in, and no non-copyrighted images can be found, fair use can be used for licensing given it meets some of the above criterea.
  2. An image has been extensively reused throughout the internet, qualifications for fair use may be met.

Obtaining Legal ImageryEdit

Google Images contains a massive collection of images from all around the internet, so it saves you a lot of time and trouble trying to find suitable images. You can avoid the copyright problem with the following method:

  1. Go to Google Images, and type in what image you want in the search bar.
  2. In the toolbar below the search bar, click "search tools".
  3. Under "search tools", click "usage rights".
  4. Under "usage rights", click "labelled for noncommercial reuse" or "labelled for noncommercial reuse with modification" depending on how you're going to use the image.
  5. A bunch of images should appear below. Choose one and drag into onto your desktop.

Creative CommonsEdit

Please note that images in Creative Commons must still have a link to the original material and note if the material has been modified. Also note that modified images must stay in Creative Commons as well (sharealike). See these links:

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