Our wiki has an affiliated YouTube channel hosted by Marcello. This channel is a project with hopes to expand the influence of the speculative evolution community. It will cover topics such as basics of speculative evolution, evolutionary biology, and scenarios. The channel can be found here.


What is speculative evolution?Edit

What is speculative evolution?06:52

What is speculative evolution?

Episode: 1

Released: 18 October 2015

Re-uploaded: 25 November 2015

Official description: Speculative evolution is a field of sci-fi focused more on the "sci" than the "fi." This video is an introduction to the topic, including exobiology, future evolution, and alternative evolution.

The Drake equation is wrong!Edit

The Drake equation is wrong!08:56

The Drake equation is wrong!

Episode: 2

Released: 29 November 2015

Official description: The Drake equation is a method of calculating the number of civilizations in the galaxy devised by astrobiologist Frank Drake. But does it really hold water?

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