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Note - To avoid misconception, all dates are presented from the perspective of our modern world.

In terms of time, the Theian Geological Timescale (TGT) is a chronological measurement that defines periods of time and events in Theian history (on a geologic scale), and the relationship between them through the separation of various rock layers (and their boundaries) within Theia. 

Approximately 4.56 billion years old, Theia has gone through a number of major geological events that define the separate eons, eras, periods and epochs of the planet's history, evidence of these different hierarchical divisions of time present in the alternating colour and texture of the rock and soil. As of today, the current geological period is the Clarumian Period.

Period TimescaleEdit

The following graph shows the sixteen periods (a period of time that is listed as the Creviterozoic Eon ) of the Theian Geological Timescale following the beginning of the Florentine Explosion (succeeding the end of the Auctazoic Eon) to modern day. Note that the dates on this table are presented in millions of years.

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