Uea is an Earth-like planet in the Ao system inhabited by many descendants of animals imported from Earth by the Oaesans from the nearby desert planet of Oae. The Oaesans can be described as a sentient algae-amoeba which resembles a green blob, however it can morph into a humanoid form when necessary. However they are extremely inquisitive and scientific in behavior with little concept of violence or exploitation. They often live in robotic suits which resemble general Humanoids they had had contact with the past in order to protect their vulnerable bodies. Uea is considered a evolutionary laboratory with only sparse Oae bases where they can study the animals they imported from Earth.


Uea is a diverse planet with tropical forests, savannah, bush land with mountainous and desert areas also, however unlike Earth it lacks polar ice caps as a result of a lack of an obvious axial tilt. Nearly every possible extant Earth plant species is present on this world. There are roughly ten continents which are all interconnected in some way, making the divide between oceans and seas a little less clear than on Earth.



Herbivorous MammalsEdit

  • Uean gazelle or raeo (Gazella unicolor)
  • Brown deer or deba (Cervus fuscatus)
  • Uean elephant or taoki (Elephas maximus ueanensis)
  • Uean giant sloth or emono (Megatherium rufus)
  • Singing kangaroo or hawim (Macropus agilis)
  • Spotted capybara or naboba (Hydrochoerus punctatus)
  • Montane cuscus or famu (Spilocuscus montanus)
  • Uean diprotodon or yudo (Diprotodon moschatus)
  • Large potto or ivat (Perodicticus majoris)
  • Buffalo nilgai or goloda (Boselaphus bubalis)
  • Water Chevrotain (Hyemoschus aquaticus)

Carnivorous MammalsEdit

  • Vumuk (Panthera vumuk)
  • Black mongoose or botew (Herpestes nigricans)
  • Uean quoll or hukoe (Dasyurus temporaria)
  • Sumatran Tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae)
  • Asiatic Lion (Panthera leo persica)

Omnivorous MammalsEdit

  • Red-tailed coati or tidan (Nasua ruficaudata)
  • Collared honey badger or oten (Mellivora torquata)
  • Egona valley moonrat or egonasaru (Echinosorex egonarensis)
  • Blue masked opossum or mora (Didelphis caeruleus)
  • Black eared ringed lemur or huobi (Lemur Aterauris)

Insectivorous MammalsEdit

  • Dusky tamandua or pano (Tamandua obscurus)


  • Red-eyed vanga or igu (Cyanolanius tropicalis)
  • Green plumed bird-of-paradise or wuna (Paradisaea viridis)

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