Many times before, I've seen things that are neither proper nouns nor genera or clades of higher ranks capitalised in names of organisms. While this is gone over comprehensively in the Manual of Style, I will clarify the grammar conventions as not to have to correct them.

Historically, I've seen this mostly with KaptainWombat, but with Myotragus' work on Old World Monkeys (Project Future), Whanggoldpaw exhibiting the same issue on Australia (New Pleistocene), and me having to correct all of this, I am going to have to note the rules. Here's a list of what to do, and what not to do.

  1. Always capitalise the first word in a title or section heading. All other words should be capitalised except for prepositions (to, for, with, etc.) and articles (the, a, an).
  2. Within normal text, general grammar rules are to be followed. Firstly, always capitalise genera and clade names.
  3. Do not capitalise anglicisations of clade names; i.e. Hominidae, but hominid.
  4. Never capitalise a common name of an organism. Whether or not you invent the name, this cannot be capitalised. Only proper nouns within are to be capitalised, such as place names, demonyms, and names

That is all I have to say, and thank you for your cooperation in advance.

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