Okay, guys, so I haven't been on in like two or three days and even though I though I was done with the homework overload for December, sure enough, two weeks later, I'm over my head with weekend homework. Even more, by next Friday, I'll have had around six concerts within a week, so that certainly doesn't help me schedule. I'm not sure if any of you are aware of this, but even though I do no sports, and I don't chat with friends or anything, I still practice piano nearly every day, play violin and piano at school, go to school most days at 7:10 for the jazz band, and have plenty of concerts around this time of year.

Anyway, I won't be in the competition, and probably not adding content until winter break. Even though that's only a week away it's still a while to go. And something none of you are aware of at all is that these days my main hobby is not the wiki, but rather solving Rubik's cubes and related puzzles (for instance, I'm repeatedly solving and scrambling a 2x2 cube right now as I type) so just know that from now on I'm not going to be completely inactive like MH, but Myo's first in command, probably until he feels like handing it down to someone else. I'll continue to monitor the wiki occasionally, maybe using admin powers once in a while.

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