If you are in any way a contributor to this wiki, please read!!!

Everyone is overcapitalizing. I've written on this issue before, but I want to bring it to people's attention again. Because this is the wiki, and not the forum, or anything else, and people can edit other people's pages, it should come as no surprise that it is expected that grammar is close to flawless. Now, I am dealing with this. But I don't like to waste my time dealing with this. So if everyone could just correct their own capitalization (and potentially other grammar) according to the previously linked blog post and also this, it would make it so much easier for me to deal with editing other people's projects.

Also, I really don't like anonymous users on the wiki because they are hard to identify and interact with. Please, all anonymous users, get accounts! Like, now!

Finally, plausibility. Ah, plausibility. This again. Please get a good idea of what is considered plausible in spec evo and what is not. While it may sometimes be okay to stretch the idea, don't make it completely outlandish. And by the way, Dougal Dixon's works like The New Dinosaurs and The Future Is Wild (yes, that's mostly his) are in no way considered plausible. And if you still aren't sure what is considered plausible, the golden rule, not just of spec evo, but of literally everything ever:

  • Things take the path of least resistance.

Generally speaking, as far as plausibility goes, the coolest/strangest creatures are not taking the path of least resistance, making them implausible.

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