Now, as you may see a group of reacurring crocodillians called the "Erectosuchians", and wondering what they are. Well, here's their general description.

Erectosuchia (The Long Run) 

In the long run, I have a group of Crocodilians called the Erectosuchia (Meaning "Erect Crocodiles"- as a nod to Homo Erectus, who was the first human to propaly walk upright).


They originated shortly after the last ice age, when most macropredatory mammals died off. They are descendant of the Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman (Paleosuchus Palpebrosus). They began to move on land more than water- as they sometimes already do, The Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman was not only the smallest crocodile of the modern day, but it was highly adaptable and on the least concern in the conservation status.It began to fill in its relatives niches in the continent, but one lineage began to move about on there legs, in a similar fashion to the Big Cats of the Holocene. They where succesfull, and replaced many predators on the continent, as it was in isolation. When the ice caps melted, a lot of the land was devided, with the Americas being no exception. As the world was split into mutliple islands and island continents (With a few exceptions being the Antarctostralia and the Ameriurasian supercontinents). The gradual ancestor, the Phobosuchus, was able to island hop to the other continents, and diversify into the Erectosuchians and Neoaetosaurs of the Ubereizoic.


The Erectosuchians anatomy is similar to the Sebecians of the Mesozoic and Cenozic periods before them. They have enlongated snouts, with multitudes of meat ripping teeth in their jaws. They all have their legs straight underneath their bodies, as upposed to their ancestors, whose legs made them sprawl on the ground. All Erectosuchians are quadrepedial, and are also remenesciant of the Gorgonopsians and Sebecians before them.