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  • Harekiller

    Non-carbon Life

    June 20, 2014 by Harekiller

    Not silicon either, because that gets old, and actually doesn't have all that much potential.

    I quote wikipedia: "

    • Boron's chemistry is possibly even more variable than that of carbon,[citation needed] since it has the ability to form polyhedral clusters and three-center two-electron bonds. Boranes are dangerously explosive in Earth's atmosphere, but would be more stable in a reducing environment. However, boron's low cosmic abundance makes it less likely as a base for life than carbon.
    • Various metals, together with oxygen, can form very complex and thermally stable structures rivaling those of organic compounds;[citation needed] the heteropoly acids are one such family. Some metal oxides are also similar to carbon in their ability to form bo…
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  • Harekiller

    You guys know about entropy and the heat death of the universe? Depressing stuff.

    Anyways, if you don't, you know how, according to the second law of thermodynamics, heat energy will always spread to where there is less of it. For example, if you put a blast of hot air in a box of cold air, the temperature in that box will eventually reach an equilibrium. Heat energy transmits in three ways: conduction, wherein it passes through solid objects; convection, wherein the heat source heats some air whcih rises out of the way, exposing more cold air to heat, which rises out of the way, getting displaced by more cold air (to give an example); and radiation, whereupon the heat energy results in kinetic energy of particles (including light), which s…

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