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  • JaggerButtermilk


    June 17, 2014 by JaggerButtermilk

    Maybe we could have our own additional "badges" for certain achievements. Here's some ideas. 

    • Solar System Badge -- You have 1000 edits
    • Planet Badge -- You have 500 edits.
    • Rainforest Badge -- You have 200 edits.
    • Wetlands Badge -- You have 100 edits.
    • Grasslands Badge -- You have 20 edits. 

    That's really the basic idea. 

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  • JaggerButtermilk


    June 17, 2014 by JaggerButtermilk

    We had a good day today, improving the wiki! Toast!

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  • JaggerButtermilk

    Now we created a wiki, other than personal projects what should we add? I recommend tutorials and articles such as "The Evolution of Sophonts" and "Biochemistry".

    This discussion is for admins exclusively (which includes Ibexgod as he is being promoted soon). Admins can edit this and add their nominations below. As for Ibexgod, add your suggestions on the comments section.

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