This is a new group I have thought up for Future of The World, because it's kind of gone inactive again, and I think it needs a new spark.

The group I have come up with are the Volgaraptoria, basically a collective group of mostly* small gubernators that are more like small birds than pterosaurs. Looking at the gubernatoroidea now, nearly all of the ones that are currently in the project are massive, with wingspans that are at least 6 metres. But looking at birds in real life, as well as pterosaurs, most species were/are not big, and most are actually really small. So it makes sense that the gubernatoroidea, being the next group of volant tetrapods, would follow a similar pattern of size. Hence, this blog post.

The Volgaraptoria split off from the common ancestors of all gubernatoroidea relatively early, and unlike their relatives, did not become large pterosaur-like apex predators, but became small (usually) and often poorly flighted creatures, many of which live on islands. Most volgaraptors are small, between 0.5 and 4 kilograms, still bigger than the majority of birds that exist T the time, but small nonetheless. In many ways they are similar to ramphorynchoid pterosaurs in appearance, though without the long pointy teeth, as they are mostly terrestrial in their habits. Many species are capable of bipedal movement, and some species are almost entirely bipedal.

  • (I was thinking about scrapping the Ambulodraconidae on the current page, and having them be larger genera of volgaraptors, as it makes little sense for them to be so different to the other families on the current page as they are now (This could also be where the Venatorex fits in)).

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