So I've gone through my admin stuff again today - first time this year. As should be obvious - this has beent the wiki's worst month so far. Anyway, I have few notices, some questions, and an article on community central for you guys to check out.

Ok, so first, the deletion candidates. This time around:

Ornithogeaea: Jagger's not currently active, and even then I beleive he discontinued it. Nobodies showed interest in taking it in, I say it's time to give it the axe.

In The Future: I didn't even know we had this one. Made by AteTheCat, who seems to come one sometimes after long periods of not being around. It's another Advenatus situation. I say we axe this one without much consideration.

What of Mars?: I understand WGP's intentions with this one were different then normal projects, so maybe move it to the blog post namespace instead?

Xenarthra Australia: I don't think we should delete this, but I encourage getting work on it done. We can only keep paperweights so long. Same for Project Future.

Arctic Biomes: This isn't just for projects, you know. It was meant to be a similar idea to the Rainforest page, but it never got expanded. I might work on it sometime (keep in mind this is coming from me thought), so it's up to you guys.

I've also gone and deleted "New Zealand (New Pleistocene)", and "Skull Island Reborn".

Here's the link. I highly recommend you read this, and keep it in mind. I'll discuss in more detail either in an edit of this or in the comments tomorrow, it's like midnight.

So, I direct you here, to an older blog post. We never fully did this, or really much at all. But, with the staff blog post I linked above in mind, maybe we should individual pages, at least by habitat (I agree over 100 stubs isn't good either), since extremely long pages are bad? Most other articles should be somewhat better off, since The Future is Wild is something that migt lead someone to this place, rather then WiTAM or FoTW.

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