Just a few quicks notes. After going through a few things about a week ago, I cam across a few pages I'm not sure what to do with. So it's time to go through the garbage and do a community trash day.

Advenatus: We can't keep projects by innactive members or small projects not being updated. Advenatus fits under both. We can't have it laying around, so I say we do away with it.

Animula and Thalassa: Now, I'm not saying they're not good content. But both appear to be innactive. I won't go either way, so we'll see what the consensus is.

Ryū No Toge No Shima: It's another Advenatus. I don't want to give up on it yet, but it doesn't look good for this projects future.

Pongolese and Chimpan (Novellus): We can't just have two random creatures from a potentially dead project that's not even on this wiki for the most part laying around.

The Future of Mammals: Another Advenatus situation. I say we delete it.

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