Note, this deals with cancelled projects.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I won't be starting these project just yet, but here is a preview of what is to come.

Arterra: We are tetrapods. Our pets are tetrapods. So are our game, and pack animals. Our ancestors have been tetrapods for millions of years. Put pets, are arthropods. The bloodsuckers. The web-weavers. The mound builders. They are small, we are big. But say that time didn't allow this slip. After all, the arthropods were first to get on land. They were giants until the end of the carboniferous. But then it all went wrong. Synapsids took over. Then the dinosaurs evolved. Many a group of amniote came and went. And then humans. But none of this happens here, for we have looked back, and time took a different route. This split happens not in the Carboniferous, but the Silurian, and as such the Carboniferous never happens. This is Silurian split. This is Arterra.

Different Dynasty: This is the Age of Mammals. Before, came the age of the dinosaur. Mighty beasts, huge in size, on a warmer, humid planet. But you can go back further. And if you dig deep enough, you see that they weren't always on top. In fact, only a mass extinction event at the end of the Triassic was able to boost them into the dynasty to come. If this never happened, they would fall out of the race. They would never diversify. In this timeline, this is exactly what happens. This is a Different Dynasty.


Of course you have some more details about DD, thought only if you remember what was posted on old wiki, as it's been deleted. Don't expect many more details until release on July 1st. Next project reveal on July 4th (For you Americans.). I might release Arterra before the end of the month, thought don't get your hopes up.