• Sayornis

    Books and Print Media

    Specific authors:
    -Dougal Dixon: The New Dinosaurs, After Man, Man After Man
    Dixon's post-human work for Omni magazine
    -Wayne Barlowe: Expedition, Inferno, Alien Life of Wayne Barlowe
    Unpublished sketches of future humans.
    -H. P. Lovecraft (various short stories and novellas)

    Future Evolution
    -H. G. Wells: The Time Machine (earliest portrayal of future human evolution?)
    -Kurt Vonnegut: Galapagos
    -Steven Baxter: Evolution
    -Colin Caket: Model A Monster-- a craft book that ends with a strange future-evolution tale
    -Bruce McClish and Ruth Berry: The Time-Traveller's Guide to Future Australia-- synopsis
    -Marc Boulay and Sebastian Steyer: Demain, Les Animaux du Futur

    Alternate evolution (including "speculative paleontology" and "lost world" sto…

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